CO Truth ball has returned in 2018!
Let’s Get It!!!

Colorado Truth is proud to announce the return of it’s original 2013 graduating now stepping in to coach the next generation of Truth Ballers. So proud of these young men recognizing the blessing they received years ago and now having the desire to give back! Stay tuned…..

Colorado Truth started in 2009 for the freshman who were graduating in 2013. That special group of student athletes now have a group of 4th and 5th graders (CO Truth 10U) who they will mentor, coach, and assist academically until their graduating years of 2026 & 2027. We will support these young men and families “To and Through College!”.

Congrats & Accomplishments

Tim Ladwig to Doane College
Brendan Till to Ithaca College
Matt Dowsey to Lamar College
Andre “PNut” Muniz to Barstow College
Isaac “Big Ike” Brown to Contra Costa College
Tyson Purifoy to Northeastern College
Anthony Carter to William Penn University

Matt Glasscock to Fort Lewis College
Thomas Trotman Jr. to Rockhurst University
Gentry Girtin to Northeastern Junior College
Jordan Potts to Coe College
Andreas Malmstrom to Madison College
Ashton Malmstrom to CO Northwestern College

Congratulations to CO Truth’s sole 2012 graduate for committing to Webster University in St Louis, MO. We are so proud of you Jordan!

CO Truth 17’s Blue finishes 5-0 undefeated in Denver MAYB Kickoff April 2012

CO Truth 16’s Gold finishes 3-2 as runner-up in Denver MAYB Kickoff April 2012

CO Truth 17’s combo squad goes undefeated in the Annual Joint Efforts Hoops Festival

CO Truth 17’s White finishes 4-1 advancing to the semifinals of Arvada MAYB April 2012

CO Truth 17’s combo squad won their pool and advanced to the quarterfinals of the
Jay Hawk Invitational May 2012.

CO Truth White 17’s went undefeated in the CO Chaos Club “Challenge Games” 2 day event May 2012.

CO Truth Blue 17’s, CO Truth White 17’s, and CO Truth 16’s played a total of 13 games in 3 days in the 2nd annual Chauncey Billups “King of the Hill” Tournament May 2012.

CO Truth 16’s Gold advance to the silver division semifinal game in the MAYB Nationals Summer Kickoff June 2012 CO Truth 16’s go undefeated 5-0 in Denver MAYB summer championships.

Truth 17’s go 5-1 only losing championship game in MAYB CO Springs summer championships.

Truth 17’s go 3-2 taking second in their pool at the Adidas Invitational July 2012.

Truth/Shield 17’s Combo Squad wins Adidas Super 64 pool at 3-0 July 2012.

Truth 17’s and Truth/Shield combo squad advance to face each other in fall JAM
league tourney October 2012.

First annual CO JAM League Halloween Bash Varsity Champions October 2011!

CO Truth JV finishes 1st place in the inaugural Power to Play Fall League!

CO Truth Blue Varsity squad finishes 2nd place in the inaugural Power to Play Fall League!

CO Truth Blue Varsity finishes 4-2 in MAYB Nationals, Wichita KS!

CO Truth Varsity finishes 3-2 in Big Foot Hoops “Las Vegas Live” National Tourney!

CO Truth JV/Varsity Combo Squad goes 5-0 winning the CO Springs June 2011 MAYB!

CO Truth JV/Varsity Combo Squad advances to the MAYB Summer Kick-Off Semifinal Game!
6 games, 4-2 overall, June 2011!

CO Truth 2013 Blue Squad advances to 16U Silver Division Championship

Game of Spring Double Pump National Tourney April 2011!

Congratulations to the CO Truth 2013 JV team for going 5-0 and winning the
Denver MAYB Spring Championship May 2011!