• Our team will consist of “good families and good kids”. There will not be a try-out. At this stage of the game we are familiar with the class of 2026 and 2027 4th/5th graders we have been working with and the type of players we want involved on the squad.
  • We will be organized, timely, and efficient with all information to players and parents regarding schedules, practice, training, games, etc.. through the use of email and team website.
  • Our goal is to be as transparent as possible to our families regarding cost, fees, schedules, and future plans.
  • Our staff will make themselves available by email and phone. All messages will be returned within a 24 hour period.
  • None of our staff is making a profit from their time and dedication to CO TRUTH. The club was formed by parents for the love of our team, the game, and our boys.
  • As in high school, players will be expected to come directly to the staff regarding questions of playing time, rotation, or position. No player’s status will be discussed with another player or family. All parent discussions will require a 24 hour “cool off” period before discussion of games, playing time, rotation, etc..
  • Academics and school sports will take priority over club ball but those committed to Truth will play for only one club team. Please notify the staff of any conflicts that you foresee.

We are not a participation team where everyone gets equal playing time. We are a performance team where playing time must be earned through positive attitude, effort, practice/game play, and “flow”/personnel of each individual game. If the coach and the players don’t buy into the philosophy of the team it will eventually lead to problems and hard feelings. Again, as in high school, each player should be directed to come to the staff directly with any questions.

There are educational benefits that occur when a player takes responsibility for his position on the team & relationship with the coaches. It’s important for young men to learn how to ask questions in an appropriate way.
Parents are not present during all of the different activities that take place during a season (practices, huddles, meetings, etc.) This often leads to parents drawings conclusions while only knowing a portion of the situation.
Parents please support our staff in this approach and our staff will make ourselves available for questions.

4 Team “Rules/Expectations” of CO TRUTH :

1. Don’t Break The Chain! Don’t Break the Link! No one drops their head, no one brings the team energy down! Support your buddy, be happy for your buddy when he subs in the game for you! Trust your coaches and teammates.

2. Play the game the right way! Be smart, talk, communicate, “YES COACH”!, do not disrespect refs, no disrespect to other teams, let our play on the court do our talking, continue to understand the MENTAL piece of the game.

3. INTENSE defense! Everyone will be expected to play strong, in your face, man-to-man, full-court D!
TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK, TALK on D! This ain’t the library – yell and communicate on defense.

4. SMART offense SMART shots! Let your shot come through the offense. When your shot is “off”, contribute in other ways! Trust your buddy, trust the system, continue to improve and understand the mental piece of the game.

Lets Give 100% – Positive Attitude!! On and Off the Court!!!